Africa's Fuel for African Growth

LNG2Africa creates new markets for liquefied natural gas produced and consumed within Africa.

Our Mission

Major gas discoveries all over Africa and cheaper LNG processing, transport and regasification technology make it possible to sell LNG to African consumers at a more attractive price than ever before. LNG2Africa's mission is to build relationships and infrastructure that facilitate an intra-African LNG industry, and thereby provide power and industrial development.

Gas Agreements

LNG2Africa works with African states to sign government-to-government LNG sale and purchase agreements and terminal use agreements as a basis for LNG exchange.

Gas to Power

Several African countries plan to import LNG primarily for domestic power generation. Gas-to-power will be the anchor sector for the development of a domestic and regional gas and power economy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Public & Private Sectors

An African initiative that highlights the responsibility of the private and public sectors to cooperate in the energy industry and build the necessary infrastructure to strengthen economies.


  • For countries lacking domestic gas today, importing LNG for gas to power projects has become feasible. Several large populous countries, such as Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast are increasingly depending on gas for power production.
  • Through LNG2Africa, beneficiaries across the LNG value chain will exchange knowledge and data and will commission technical studies for the construction of regasification and LNG storage terminals and transportation infrastructure, either by pipeline or LNG carrier.
  • Energy trading companies support the initiative by providing financing and shipping capabilities to participating states and independent African companies. Designated operators are thus invited to play a key role in LNG2Africa.
  • LNG2Africa also favors the development of private African companies in the gas sector through joint ventures with multinational companies to establish technology transfer and capital financing.